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Curly Hair, Platinum Tier

Curly Hair, Platinum Tier

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Curls Rule the World!

- Platinum Tier - 

Period. No Caption Needed. 

Yes It's Mine is the #1 online seller of luxurious hair extensions and wearable lifestyle products. We offer the finest hair in the beauty industry and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service! 

Looking for luminous and naturally voluminous hair that promises to add a bit of "umph" to your look? No more contemplating! Accent your tresses with big and bouncy confidence that will have the naturalistas wondering, "Is that her hair?!" If the staring becomes uncomfortably extensive (we're certain it will), give them a "YES IT'S MINE" sharing is sexy (SIS) info card! 

Each sheer container holds approximately 3-4 oz of hair.

Premium Curly Hair

Available Lengths: 14" - 28"

Available Colors: Natural Black