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"Outsiders" Mink Lashes
"Outsiders" Mink Lashes
"Outsiders" Mink Lashes

"Outsiders" Mink Lashes

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Yes, they're mine too! Our 3D Mink Lashes are beautifully designed, glamorous and incredibly comfortable to wear! Plus up your cart with a pair of falsies today!

  • Long-lasting, up to 20+ wears 
  • Available in 2 different enhancements:
    • natural, everyday vibe (I)
    • instagram glamour (II)
  • The Outsiders Lash Collection (Trio) features 2 pairs of "everyday vibe" lashes and 1 pair of "instagram glamour" lashes
  • The Outsiders Lash Collection (Trio) 2 features 1 pair of "everyday vibe" lashes and 2 pairs of "instagram glamour" lashes
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